ShaneAshtyn is NYC- based artist whose sound and style is rooted in R&B and Soul music. As an independent artist, his vision is to create music that tells stories and capture emotions; visuals that spark conversations of unity and change, all while leaving a lasting impact. 

Taking inspiration from his greatest musical influences, Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston, Ashtyn used those influences in discovering his own style and sound when crafting his first project a mixtape “Beautiful Soul Broken Heart” (2014). That 9 song project which spanned multiple genres from Blues, R&B to Alternative and Acoustic Pop, created a platform for him to build off of while crafting his album which is due in Summer 2017.




Ashtyn spent over year honing his skills as a filmmaker in film school . He gained experienced working on film sets and in various crew positions such as Gaffer, Grip, Assistant Camera, and Assistant Director. It was in the roles of being the Director and Producer where he discovered his passion in filmmaking. Drawing inspiration from his favorite filmmaker and director, Ryan Murphy, Ashtyn used that inspiration while crafting his thesis Film “AGAPÉ”. 


Having directed several short films, prepared him to take on the challenge of directing his thesis film. A project he wrote, directed and produced; which touches on the subject of Black Lives Matter and is fused with his passion for music with the inclusion of his original songs. Currently in post-production, he hopes to gain exposure by entering the short into many film festivals within the year.

Currently studying to become a film and television Producer, he is now at work on developing and producing several TV and film projects. 


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