#ShaneAshtynPlaylist - 18 May 2017

Something NEW:

Niia- Sideline (Feat. Jazmine Sullivan)

Released May 2017/ Genre: Alternative/ Soul

From her album I, this is the first time that I have heard music from Niia and it’s a wonderful introduction to her artistry. This particular track is jazzy, very unique from what mainstream is in today’s climate. The texture that Jazmine Sullivan vocally brings to this record compliments the delicacy and emotions from Niia, making this a must listen to song.


Something OLD:

Waiting To Exhale- Various Artists

waiting to exhale album cover.jpg

Released November 1995/ Genre: R&B

If Why I Love You So Much by Monica is my favorite song, then Waiting To Exhale is my favorite album.

It’s pure R&B and compromised of the divas of the 90’s pouring their hearts out on what is considered a classic album.

The album produced and written entirely by Babyface was conceptualized as album initially for Whitney Houston. Whitney who was coming off of the blazing success of The Bodyguard album & film served as a producer alongside Babyface, approving every other female artist that would be included on this project.

Personally being the biggest Whitney Houston fan ever, I would have LOVED to hear her rendition on ALL these now classics. She has covered Hurts Like Hell by Aretha, a few time on her My Love is Your Love tour back in 1999. I would have loved to hear how she interpreted How Could You Call Her Baby sung by Shanna, especially since she was rumored to be going through relationship woes at that time.

This album is a masterpiece, a classic and I listen to it because it’s so real.

Favorite Tracks:

Why Does It Hurt So Bad- Whitney Houston

Hurts Like Hell- Aretha Franklin

Shoop Shoop – Whitney Houston

Kissing You- Faith Evans

Let It Flow- Toni Braxton

Count On Me- Whitney Houston & Cece Winans

Not Gon Cry- Mary J. Blige



Something DIFFERENT:

Rose Ave. – You + Me

You + Me- Album Cover.jpg


Released October 2014/ Genre: Folk

 This album has been a huge inspiration of mine ever since it came out. Everything about this record just works. The melodies, the lyrics and harmonies and the simplicity come together in a way that allows one to really capture the essence of what they are listening to. There are no distractions, there are no gimmicks, just honest and beautiful music.

Pink was at the tail end of a very successful album campaign with The Truth About Love, so this passion project with Dallas Green turned into a beautiful collaboration. 

Favorite Tracks:

You + Me


Break the Cycle

Open Door


Album of the Week

NAO-  For All We Know


Released July 2016/ Genre: Electronic/ Funk/ R&B

Every summer there is always a song or an album that is a mainstay on my playlist through the hot sunny days in NYC. Last year that album was Tough Love by Jesse Ware and this year it is definitely For All We Know.

It’s melodic. It’s catchy. It’s groovy. It’s infectious!

I’m absolutely inspired how NAO infuses R&B, electronica, funk and more into this eclectic album. It’s refreshing to stumble upon an artist whose music is so profoundly unique this early on in their career and that is definitely NAO.


Favorite Tracks:

Adore You

Bad Blood