#ShaneAshtynPlaylist - 25 May


Dean Lewis -  Waves


Released April 2017/ Genre: Singer-Songwriter

From his Debut EP, Same Kind of Different, Waves is accompanied with 5 other brilliant tracks that make up a great body of work. Currently at work on his debut album, I can't wait to see how he continues laying the ground work for his career and artistry. 

The discovery of new music is one of the most exciting things for me. I discovered this song while binge watching a show on Netflix called Riverdale. It was during a scene in the 4th episode where I heard this song and was immediately googling the lyrics to find out who the artist was.



Adam Lambert- Whatya Want From Me

Adam Lambert -  For Your Entertainment.jpg

Released November 2009 / Genre: Pop Rock

This song was the 2nd single from Adam Lambert's Debut album For Your Entertainment. It became a huge international hit following his stint on American Idol, helping to put his career on track. This still remains as Lambert's biggest hit to date and in my opinion a classic.

I first heard this song when I was on vacation in Colorado in 2010 & this week I am back on vacation in Colorado so it is fitting to have this jam on the playlist. On first listen, I remember thinking, this sounds like a P!nk song and then I found out she wrote it! It was written and recorded during the production of her album Funhouse but didn't make the album. She released her version of the song on the international version of her greatest hits album Greatest Hits...So Far!!!.



Alex Newell - Keep It Moving

 Released October 2016 / Genre:  Dance

I love Alex! His EP (which I am saving for another week) is my go to for feel good, get my day started off on the best note, type of music. I love the soulfulnesses he brings to dance music.

This track in particular is the song I put on in the morning as I am getting dressed and ready for my day. It makes you feel good. His music gives me Donna Summer vibes & I love it!




Jesse Ware -  Tough Love Album.jpg

Released October 2014/ Genre: Electronic/ R&B

This album was a sweet surprise to me. I discovered Jesse Ware & her music during my vacation to Colorado last year.  The first song I heard from her was "Say You Love Me" and I was immediately entranced and trying to figure out who she was. Fast forward and this became my album for the summer of 2016. Not a day went by where I wasn't jamming one of my favorites from the album.

This album is an infusion of R&B and electronic. Jessie's vocals are the epitome of sultry. The melodies and harmonies are so sexy and smooth. The production is beautiful and really helps to bring light to Jessie's uniqueness as a vocalist because it's not too much but just the right amount of everything to let her voice shine.

Favorite Tracks:

Tough Love

Say You Love Me

Champagne Kisses