#ShaneAshtynPlaylist - 4 May 2017

Something NEW:

Tamar Braxton - My Man


Tamar Braxton released her 1st single, “My Man” from her upcoming 4th album.

The song is pure R&B Soul & gives me 90’s vibes, when R&B was at (in my opinion) it’s best.

The song is inspired by the divorce of her parents 20 years ago, due to an affair her father had with another woman that led to the breakup of their family. The creation of the song was followed on their tv series “Braxton Family Values”

I am an R&B head, so the amount of emotion that drives this song, sprinkled with the flare of Tamar’s personality makes this record a HIT. It has an essence to it that not a lot of music has in today’s climate. There is a quality, an honesty, a hurt, that is all expressed in what is a very stellar vocal performance from Tamar.

Song has been on repeat since its release on my playlist!


Something OLD:

Mariah Carey- Can’t Take That Away (Mariah’s Theme)

Released in 2000 from her album “Rainbow"

I love Mariah Carey & grew up listening to her music, so I am a true Ride or Die! This song is just pure lyrical encouragement and I listen to it daily for motivation and inspiration.


Something DIFFERENT:

Johnny Swim- Georgica Pond

I have never heard of this duo until I stumbled upon this album this past week. Its raw, its organic, its beautiful, it’s simplistic and it speaks.

Favorite Track:

Touching Heaven


Album of the Week

Mary J. Blige- Strength of a Woman

In the thick of a nasty divorce, Mary J Blige released her 13th studio album, Strength of a Woman. Preceded by singles “Thick of It”, “U + Me (Love Lessons)” and Love Yourself, the set is a R&B/ Hip-Hop gem that sees Mary pour out her pain into what is an incredible body of work.

My wish is that her label would put the power of the machine behind this album because Mary and this album deserve the success. With only releasing one music video for her 1st single, Thick of It, which was released later last year, there needs to be more Mary content & promo out there to support this album.

But Auntie Mary came thru with this album!


Favorite Tracks:

U + Me (Love Lessons)

Thick of It