#ShaneAshtynPlaylist - 1 June 2017

Something NEW:

Redbone – Childish Gambino


 Released November 2016 / Genre: R&B/ Soul


I recently discovered this track through an Instagram Story. I immediately re-watched the story numerous times to get some lyrics so that I can google and figure out who this song belonged to. I love when I find music in ways outside the norm.


Something OLD:

Anytime You Need a Friend -  Mariah Carey

Anytimeyouneedafriend-Mariah Carey.jpg

Released June 1994/ Genre: R&B


Released as her 4th single from her mega selling album MusicBox, this became her first song not to chart within the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 peaking at #12.  The single spent 21 weeks on the billboard charts.

This is on my list of Top 5 Mariah Carey songs. It full of passion and vocal acrobats that came at one of the peaks of her career. I will always root for Mariah cause she is truly in a league that very few are in, one that sees her not only as a singer but a successful songwriter and producer. Let’s say it together, COINS. $



Something DIFFERENT:

In Case You Didn’t Know – Brett Young

 January 2017 / Genre: Country


 I grew up in Texas and spent most of life living there so I have been exposed to country music. I am not an avid listener of country but I am growing in my admiration and interest in this genre.  It does remind me of summers in Texas with my friends.

 This particular track I actively sought and when listening to what’s hot right now in country music and I stumbled upon Brett’s work and really loved this song. Taken from his debut album, Brett Young, this song was released as the 2nd single from the album and is currently at its peak at #19 on the Billboard Hot 100.





Released April 2005 / Genre: R&B / Soul / Pop / Gospel

This album was the comebacks of all comebacks and came at a time where people and the industry began writing Ms. Carey off. Suffering through a series of personal and professional mishaps in her life, Mariah had a pretty well documented breakdown which led to a series of under successful projects; Glitter (The Album & The Film), Charmbracelet. This album saw her sign a new recording contract with Island Def Jam under L.A Reid.

Another peak in her career, this era for her was monumental and reminded everyone exactly why she is a LEGEND in the game. The first single was "It's Like That" which was a moderate hit followed by the record breaking We Belong Together which went on to hold the record for the song with the 2nd most weeks at #1 on the Billboard 100, (she holds the record for song with most weeks at #1 with One Sweet Day with Boyz II Men) The song also nabbed the billboard Song of The Decade which she previously earned again with One Sweet Day.

My favorite all time performance for Mariah Carey just so happens to fall into this era. It was the 2006 Grammy awards where she performed a melody of We Belong Together and Fly Like a Bird where she was backed by a full gospel choir, that together took everyone watching straight to church. Such an epic performance and her voice was in amazing shape that night. 

This album is something that people should always look at to say never count Mariah Carey out, she has proven resilient over the years, crafting and writing her own songs. I am looking for another era soon to come from her that gives everyone this sort of nostalgia because she still has so much to give and I am here for it.

Favorite Tracks:

We Belong Together

Fly Like a Bird

Don't Forget About Us

Mine Again

It's Like That

To The Floor