#ShaneAshtynPlaylist - 8 June 2017

Something NEW:

Azealia Banks – Chi Chi

Released 5 June 2017/ Genre: Hip- Hop/ House

Hard-hitting, RAW and a definite BOP!

After years of drama, blow-ups and bad press, all of which have completely tainted her rising career, Azealia Banks is BACK with her new single Chi Chi. The song breathes new life into Ms. Banks brand and reminds people of her talents and skills.

I have loved Azealia since 2012 when I first discovered her mixtape Fantasea. Since then several mishaps in her personal life have bled into her career, which has made it hard for people to appreciate her music and talents. But after some time away, she has returned and I now receive this gem with great gratitude.


Something OLD:

Under Construction - Missy Elliott

Released November 2002 / Genre: Hip- Hop / R&B

Missy Elliott released her 4th album, Under Construction in late 2002. It came at a time where she was grieving the deaths of close friends Aaliyah and Left Eye, so a lot of the meaning of this album comes from that grief. The LP produce 2 Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 hits, Work It (#2) and Gossip Folks Feat. Ludacris (#8).

I believe this is her greatest body of work and came at a time where she was at the forefront of female hip-hop. It’s fun, fresh and catchy and everything we love about Missy Elliott. I remember being in middle school when this album came out and it was constantly on repeat on my portable CD player.

It’s been 12 years since she has released an album, The Cookbook back in 2005. She now faces the battle of introducing herself to a new audience that isn’t aware of her legacy and re-introducing herself to the fans she already has. Here’s hoping that 2017 finally brings her long awaited album and gives us the feels like this album did.


Favorite Tracks

Work It

Gossip Folks Feat. Ludacris

Funky Fresh Dressed (Feat. Ms. Jade)

Can You Hear Me (Feat. TLC)


Something DIFFERENT:

Run Run Run – Kelly Clarkson Feat. John Legend

 Released February 2015/ Genre: Pop

 From Kelly Clarkson’s 7th album Piece By Piece.

I read somewhere that when producing this album, she was in the process of trying to find other artists to collaborate and feature on this project and she ended of feeling that no one wanted to sing with her. So the one feature on this album came in the form of Run Run Run with John Legend which is purely amazing. The song feels like a quiet storm to me. It’s beautifully captivating.

I only wish that this song would have received the single treatment because it came at a time where John Legend was riding high on the success of his single All of Me and his album Love In The Future and that, along with how great this song is would have seen it ride high on the charts.


Album of the Week

The Preacher’s Wife Soundtrack-  Whitney Houston

Released November 1996/ Genre: Gospel/ R&B

The QUEEN, THE VOICE, Whitney Houston! This soundtrack is the best-selling gospel album of all-time. Whitney grew up singing in the church so this album and project was probably the most natural for her with this being her 3rd soundtrack that she fronted (The Bodyguard & Waiting to Exhale). I believe that’s why some of her most passionate vocal performances are embedded in this album.

This album is a permanent mainstay on my routine playlist. I usually play this early in the morning when I am starting my day, going into my quiet time and reflecting. My dad loved Whitney Houston and this movie is his favorite so I remember riding around listening to this soundtrack when it first came out and it’s attached to so many childhood memories.


Favorite Tracks:

I Believe In You and Me

Step by Step


Hold On, Help Is On The Way

I Go To The Rock

You Were Loved

Somebody Bigger Than You and I (Feat. Bobby Brown, Faith Evans, Johnny Gill, Monica, Ralph Tresvant)

He's All Over Me