AGAPE - Short Film by Ashton Brooks


                                     (From Left to Right Mariah Barnes, Niguel Quinn, Gracie Holway, Bradlee Laight)

                                    (From Left to Right Mariah Barnes, Niguel Quinn, Gracie Holway, Bradlee Laight)

On Thursday, June 29th, my short film AGAPÉ will be released. Inspired by a personal conversation that I had with a friend, this film served as my thesis for film school and is a project that I directed and produced. 

This film aims to shine light on the division that race is playing in our society and how we can take a different perspective to move forward in how we see each other and ultimately treat each other.  My goal for this short, is for it to not only be an expression of views in society but for it to be a tool used to start the conversation amongst us all; a conversation of how we allow our differences to unite us and not tear us apart.


Bradlee Laight plays the role of the main character that experiences this abstract journey. He is a well rounded actor having experience in theater and classical dance. He's also a very gifted tap dancer. His energy is genuine and inspiring which translated into motivation for me as the director and the crew.

Gracie Holway is one of the most humble and hardworking people to work with and truly is one of the most graceful people I've ever met. She is a trained ballet dancer having been apart of several major dance companies In New York City.

Niguel Quinn & Mariah Barnes play roles that represent unification and transformation. Both are extremely talented and well versed which made working with them on set such an easy going experience.


Jessica MyHill is the Director of Photography. She is my friend and one of my favorite people to collaborate with because she understands my vision. We compliment each other very well and have done a lot of great work together over the past year, with this project being my favorite collaboration. She is a huge part of why I was inspired to make this short and her skills are very evident. 


I am currently in the process of waiting for responses from several film festivals. So I hope to share this project and expose the message with people all around the world.

Thank You to everyone that has supported this film, to my cast & crew thank you for bringing this vision alive.

Check back here on 29th June, to watch Agapé.